A collaborative project between TenAV and Amadeus. Ten AV came to us wanting to show the build process of one of their biggest LED screen installations. There were multiple parts to the brief, the first being a documentary of the process with interviews from the TenAV and Amadeus team along with shots of the physical installation. Next was a massive technical challenge, a time-lapse of the whole process, which took a week, without running a single cable, the camera system had to be completely self contained. We also took a series of installation photos to aid TenAV’s marketing. 

The Main 

The main film is a full highlights of one of TenAV’s biggest LED screen installations. It includes interviews, time-lapses and slow motion. We made a few variations of the film for their marketing, from short 20 second cut downs to single shots which were used for social media. 

The Week Long 

We made a few versions of the time-lapse for different uses, the version you see here is the ‘full length, fast’ version, we then made it into separate sections allowing Ten AV to show each individual aspect of the project. 

This was a real challenge. Usually when we run a long term time-lapse we would run power and a laptop would allow us to control the camera remotely. Because of the open office we couldn’t run a single cable, so we powered the camera with large external batteries, used a smart intervalometer allowing time of day shooting and we completed site visits every couple of days. 

Here's Some 

What do TenAV 

“Dave was paramount to the success of the videography of our promotional company video, not just in his exceptional videography, direction and editing, but also in his planning, advice and guidance both before and during filming. Having unique and creative ideas planned out in advance allowed us to get the very most out of every bit of footage, meaning we actually had too much good quality footage to choose from. So much so, that we ended up creating multiple videos for different purposes, and it far extended our original brief. Showcasing one of our biggest projects was done so effortlessly and professionally by Gadget Line Films in their expertise, creativity and it was an absolute pleasure to work with Dave at every stage of the project.”

Becky – Manager