Event filming

Complete solutions for all event sizes

Looking to have an event filmed?

There are a number of reasons to film an event;

  • A promotional tool to advertise your next events
  • Give your delegates information, sometimes it’s hard to write all those notes up and important information can be missed
  • It can be great content for your marketing campaign
  • Simply as a keepsake, the last gig Freddy Mercury ever played was attended by almost 200,000 people and there is no video… at all! Maybe an extreme case but it’s important to document events!
  • We can also make insert videos for presentations, making your event more engaging

‘Video, more than any other medium, can evoke a visceral reaction.’

Our Event Services


Depending how big your event is we offer a range of options.

From one person capturing the stage to a full crew with multiple angles. We don’t believe one camera is ever a good idea for anything that happens only once — at events you have to mitigate risk, and by using a minimum of two cameras the risk of us not delivering is very slim. 

Even when we send one person to an event we send them with two cameras, one wide shot of the stage and one close up of the lectern/main speaker. Even with one person using this setup we can edit the video as we go (clever right) meaning you have content to use almost instantly. 

This service can be scaled up to however large your event is, we can add as many cameras as you need and we can still edit the production live. This can be useful to capture the audience or multiple musicians on stage for example.


Highlights videos for events are fantastic to capture the emotion and atmosphere of an event. If you hold multiple events or the same event year after year this is a fantastic way to help sell tickets, afterall film is the most effective way of marketing online! 

We cater for different sized events, we have one person with a camera to shoot in a documentary style, we can have a camera and sound team filming interviews/vox pops or we can tailor a team to shoot a directed film with everything you can imagine from, steadycam, vox pop, lighting, sound.


We can live stream your event in any situation (almost), from youtube streaming to building bespoke streams into your website. This can be from the simple two camera set up to a full production. This service is fantastic if you have delegates that cant come to the event, maybe you have offices all over the world and the time, cost and environmental impact of flying them around is getting too much

We have covered various events from corporate conferences, music and sport. We can work effectively alongside other production services like sound, lighting or even film companies if you only need part of our services. We are always looking to build our client portfolio so please get in touch below if you have an event coming up!