We have completed a number of projects for the British Army. Predominantly for Basic Training and for internal use. Unfortunately a few of these have heavy non disclosure agreements and we can’t show you.

Below you will find two projects, one is a video we made at a military conference. The event was designed to show how the military are developing old and new techniques  throughout basic training. Due to distance and other priorities not everyone could attend, we made this highlights to be sent out military wide to show the work being done. 

The second project we can only show you the concept, below are some stills from a video project where we took real stories from basic training and got members of the senior military to read them anonymously, these short sub 60 second videos where played at a military conference to make the audience aware of what happens and to help improve conditions in barracks. Unfortunately we cannot share the videos.

Here's the 

Here's the 
Anonymous Video Concept