Full service, from concepting to creation

Why your business needs animation

The real power of animation is to transform complex subject matters into a simple, easy to digest medium. Grab people’s attention in a way that will stick in their brains

We produce a variety of animations. From a logo animation to full production. Our bespoke hand drawn service adapts your preferred style to fit with your brand. Animation is the perfect medium if you don’t have something physical to see, or if you have a long piece to deliver and want the film to be more engaging than someone talking to camera. We have the facilities to write scripts, storyboard, illustrate, record voice overs, source music and ultimately animate.


‘Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive. This facility makes it the most versatile and explicit means of communication.’

Walt Disney

Our Process


Here at Gadget Line Films we do things properly, Films aren't made overnight (very often). Our process starts with ideas and stories. We start every project by hosting a planning session to discuss the possibilities and ideas of your project, it is imperative you make the right film for the right delivery platforms. We then develop and mould this into a plan.


This is the most important part of the animation process, without a script that flows and guides the viewer the animation doesn't come to life.


Once the script is in place it is time to start building the aesthetics of the video. This is where the illustration and visuals can be moulded to the project and brand of your business.

Voice Over

Choosing the right voice over is very important, it is crucial to know the target audience when making this decision. The voice over is often the key to tying all the elements together.


Now the core components are ready the animation process can begin, often the most exciting part of the process. The animator will bring all the characters together to create the visual story.


Once you have an amazing film it is important that you see it perform as well as possible. We can help here, we work with an expert team of online and social media experts to help you get your film online and getting the attention it deserves.

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