About Gadget Line Films

How Did 
All This Start?

Very Early Days

Aardmans ‘A Grand Day Out’ has to be noted as a key reason Gadget Line Films exists. Dave, as a 14 year old in art class, started sculpting clay and plasticine. This developed into a cheap webcam, windows movie maker and voila a film was made. 

Master The Craft

These short animations lead Dave to college to study film where he was given his first taste of 'live action' and picked up a camera for the first time. Dave loved finding creative ways of telling stories and fulfilling briefs, often incorporating animation and documentary. One particular film 'Posting a Letter' secured Dave a place studying Documentary Film and Television at University. 


Gadget Line Films Was Born

After graduating DFT, Dave and a good friend founded Gadget Line Films with the purpose of making creative content for small businesses. Leaning on their Documentary background they created all sorts of content for micro brewery's, musicians, events etc.

What Are We Up To Now

Gadget Line Films has now expanded from its humble beginnings into a full service production company, we don't just make documentaries we make adverts, animations, short films, and broadcast TV. 

What sector do we 
specialise in?

We often get asked ‘what sector do you specialise in?’, It took us a lot of deliberating to realise we dont work in any one sector, and we dont want to, we specialise in film making and storytelling. With questions, conversations, research and a good brief we will work with anything we can be passionate about. We dont need to be the subject expert, because you are, we help you make it look good and reach the right market.

Why The 

We’ve had a number of creative logos, we started out with a donkey (i wouldn’t ask why on that one!), then a viewfinder and now a rocket. We chose a rocket to symbolise where it all started, Dave making plasticine models. It also symbolises us taking peoples content to a new hight, which a donkey just cant do!

This Guy

Dave heads up this whole thing, his strengths are in Producing and Filming, he’s involved in every shoot from concept through the whole creative process to delivery. 

Dave has filmed an array of different things, a few include: ‘Britains Scenic Railways’ for Channel 4, ‘Inside Art’ for SkyArts, Live rugby at Twickenham, Adverts for the likes of M&S, the list goes on. 

In his spare time you will find him trying to stay active (trying being the operative word). He loves mountain biking (or any biking), running, swimming and generally being outside.